Gingerfresh Design offers branding and design services both in house and through a curated team of talented creative professionals.


Squarespace Website Design

Gingerfresh Design specializes in intentionally organized website designs that focus on intuitive and user-friendly experiences to grow your business. Send a confident message to your customers that you value their time and effort and that you appreciate their engagement with your brand.

Brand Development

A beautiful brand instantly draws people in and allows them to resonate with a deeper message and value system. Gingerfresh Design finds beauty in simplicity and specializes in translating vision into impeccable design for small businesses and entrepreneurs.


Business Consulting

Running a business on your own is a balancing act. It can be easy to accidentally overlook or get lost in over analyzing. Gingerfresh Design can offer outside perspective that focuses on calibration, strategic planning, and creative solutions to your challenges.

Squarespace SEO BOOST

Take your SEO up a notch with a thorough content audit and strategic planning to follow search engine best practices including optimized page names and descriptions, keywords, image tags, and internal linking.


Professional Copywriting

Copy that is both keyword heavy and natural is important to convey your brand values and message. Gingerfresh Design writes and edits small scale projects and has a team of writers for larger projects that require multiple editors.

Retainer Services

Gingerfresh Design accepts a limited number of retainer clients that require a dedicated number of hours per month for ongoing updates or graphic design projects. Retainer relationships ensure priority and allow for quicker response and turnaround time.


Custom stationery Suite Design and Production

Is there anything more beautiful that elegant stationery? Gingerfresh Design loves working with couples to design custom wedding invitations suites and day-of decor, as well as invitations and announcements for life’s most precious experiences.

Print Design

Business cards, thank you cards, flyers, announcements, posters, large format vehicle wraps, labels, packaging - Gingerfresh Design works with Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe InDesign to create vector and photographic designs.


Professional Photography and styling

Imagery is everything in the world we live in today. Gingerfresh Design can connect you to the right photographer for your business needs. Receive original and beautiful photographs that elevate the style of a website, social media plan, and/or brand materials or let Gingerfresh Design do the work of selecting stunning stock images.

Social Media and Email Marketing Strategy Development

Gingerfresh Design accepts a limited number of clients to create thoughtful and results focused social media strategies that prioritize goals to effectively increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your site.


Don’t see what you’re looking for?

Let me know if your business is in need of design services not listed above. Gingerfresh Design thrives on finding creatives solutions to help businesses thrive.

Working in freelance is a dream. It allows me the opportunity to use my skillset to support entrepreneurs that I know are making a positive impact in their communities and the world.
— Alyse Michelle Smith